Yurara Youth Art Awards 2018

This artistic event is to encourage our youth in the Redlands, to give them a sense of pride, achievement and recognition of their artistic gift among their peers, local artists and the public.

The Redlands Yurara Art Society will be hosting it’s annual Yurara Youth Art Awards with an exhibition opening night for family, friends and the public on Friday 12th October 2018 at the Yurara Art Gallery.

Major prize of $1000 (cash & art supplies) and highly commended certificates and encouragement awards for each category - drawing, painting, and miscellaneous (digital, sculpture, printmaking, photography etc.) are awarded.

Additional information please contact the convenor: Gloria on 3286 4086 or email: zahavah21@gmail.com

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2017 Youth Art Awards Opening Night and Winners.

Yurara Youth Art Awards - October 2016
Yurara Youth Art Awards - October 2016
Yurara Youth Art Awards - October 2016

List of 2017 prizes for the YYAA - First, Second, Highly Commended, Commended

Drawing Year 7-9:

1st - Tarni McCosker
2nd - Trinity Millar
Highly Commended - Brieane Rota
Commended - Annaliese Gillespie

Drawing Year 10-12:

1st - Brittany Rhodes
2nd - Matthew Willis
Highly Commended - Piper Szekely
Commended - Jyotika Mawson

Painting Year 10-12:

1st - Sarah Elliott Highly
2nd - Madison Walters
Commended - Lauren Wood
Commended - Chloe Cho

Emerging Artist

Ashley Peel

Miscellaneous Year 7-9:

1st - Rachael Elliott
Highly Commended - Brieane Rota
Commended - Tiana Delaney

Miscellaneous Year 10-12:

1st - Morgan Lucas
2nd - Jordan Mahood
Highly Commended - Alison Kricker
Commended - Breanna Brzaskowski

Encouragement Awards:

Year 10: Jessica Harris, Lindsay Jefferies, Mia Markham
Year 12: Jyotika Mawson, Gretta Ada O'Sullivan, Brooklyn Rota

Encouragement certificates:

Year 9: Susan Sudbury, Ruby Laird, Kaye Managing
Year 10: Jane Rolandson
Year 11: Anushka Sainani

Catalogue 2017